Month: February 2023

Service or Not?

We have another job today and this is a word to the wise.  Always have you system serviced.  Don’t think just because I have a good filter everything will be ok.  We are replacing a damaged unit do to a water leak that also wrecked the closet.  Have your system regularly serviced and you may …

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We are ready but where is the rain?

Great, we got our new promotional item, a great looking umbrella, now where is the rain? We all like good weather but we also know how important the rain and snow is so let’s hope for some of the east coasts’ foul weather and pop open these umbrellas!

Old heaters

As I grow older in this business it is getting harder and harder to find a unit where I can say, “Wow this thing is older than me.” I changed one yesterday and am still amazed at how they were built.  It was like an art deco piece.  Embossed lettering, printed metal, colors and the …

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Something different

Air conditioners are not made the same.  I repaired a small chiller unit that keeps the ink cool for a printing press.  It is a very interesting setup but still does the same thing, remove heat.  Just like life, things may look different but they really are just variations of the same thing.  Take on …

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Winter is on the way!

Use this HVAC service coupon and save! You don’t have to put up with an inefficient furnace. We can install a new high-efficiency HVAC air conditioning and heating system, that can be controlled by your mobile device and wifi thermostat… We can help you stay warm all winter long. Now is the time to have …

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