Month: March 2024

Most frequent service problems caused by neglect The most frequent problem is not changing the filter. Dirt has to go somewhere, and if the filter is too dirty or gone, it will accumulate on the motor, blower, and evaporator coil. This will reduce efficiency and potentially damage the unit. Additionally, repairs cost a lot more than just replacing the filter.

How often should AC units be serviced? The A/C should be serviced each spring when the weather turns mild. That way we can check the freon and all of the components. We can also clean out any debris accumulated during the winter months.

When should a house be inspected? If you buy a new house, you should have your unit inspected. You should also have it checked if you have just done some remodeling. The unit may have been running during the remodel, and now it needs to be cleaned.

Most frequently asked questions for home HVAC I always get asked, “What temperature should I keep my house at?” My reply is always that it is up to you. We all must pay a power bill, so keep the thermostat at your most comfortable temperature. We are all different, and our houses are different, so there is no exact number.